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Adventure sports and wild places photography

I am an adventure sports and wild places photographer specialising in aquatic environments – which means in, on and underwater. I regularly venture underground to photograph caves and disused mines,  paddle white water rivers and seas and have dived to photograph commercial divers, to produce story telling images to meet the needs of magazine editors, news agencies and print buyers. My work has been published in a wide range of magazines and newspapers  including the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Land Rover Owner International, the Times, BBC Focus magazine etc. and featured in a  number of photographic publications. For a client list and to see examples of published work see here.


For over twenty years I have worked as a professional photographer, originally training as a graphic designer and illustrator (BA Hons) at Kingston University.  In 2005, I was awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QEST) to do a HSE-approved commercial scuba diving course (Media diver – part 4) with the Underwater Centre at Fort William in Scotland. This qualification is required for working underwater in the UK for any client other than the recreational diving press.


UK (London) based, but travelling abroad when required, my experience of participating in outdoor activities including white water and sea kayaking, caving, camping, diving, swimming and mountain biking, gives me the opportunity to plan creative photoshoots, in more remote locations when required, but also in urban environments, to bring you consistently high quality creative images to meet your photographic needs, on time, in a clear, fresh and well designed manner.



Calendar 2016

Welsh Mines Calendar 2016

A4 booklet style (opens to A3).

The Welsh Mines Calendar features photographs from disused mines in mid-west and north Wales. Images include the fascinating ‘car graveyard’ in Gaewern Slate Mine and the largest underground water wheel in the UK, which is in Yastrad Einion copper mine. This is a very unusual and interesting calendar and includes information about the mines photographed.

The Calendar has a gloss laminated cover, 28 pages, wirobind in the center and a drilled hanger hole.

back cover




















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H2o Portrait


Underwater portrait photography offers the very unique opportunity of obtaining portraits that really are fresh, different and stylish. By setting up a complete underwater studio in swimming pools, I make underwater portraits for both commercial and private clients.

To learn more visit the  H2oPortrait.com website